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Well, there’s a very famous quote, “There can be infinite uses of the technologies like computers, but, if the instructors are not able to bring it to the learners and make it work, then it fails” – Nancy Kassebaum.


As we look onto the present scenario, we’re living in the digital era of the 21st century, whereby, students come across various Digital Platforms to learn, explore and experience something new. Unlike traditional education, they’ve much more flexible schedule and can take necessary courses as per convenience and without time restraints. They can, thus, do their important stuffs prior, and then, can take move onto their digital learning, as per their convenience. In this manner, they can save their time, and-“Time saved is Time earned”. Also, a student can calmly & eloquently think and respond to some of the questions being asked, which he might haven’t answered during the traditional classroom learning, may be due to fear of public-speaking, or so. Moreover, now students have access to numerous courses, forums, chats, e-mails, teachers & students across the world, who would altogether add on some value to his learning that’s being imparted. Therefore, they can fully invest in learning and can make it a very rewarding experience.


Whereas, coming onto the traditional education system, it offers a unique experience, since students get a chance to have face-to-face interactions with their classmates and faculties. They try to socialize themselves, which helps them to build up their inter-personal skills and confidence, in a full-fledged manner. Additionally, they get a chance to train themselves practically, through different On-job-trainings, Industrial visits and Corporate exposures, eventually, bringing out the versatility in them. Hence, they aren’t restricted to theoretical knowledge. In traditional classroom set-up, students speak up their minds and work in a team, which, ultimately, instils a sense of belongingness in them. Furthermore, they receive direct feedbacks from their mentors, which helps them to improve in a better way.


Summing up, the Digital/Distance learning is, no doubt, revolutionizing the education system, and it might take over the traditional learning one day. But, both of the systems have their own pros and cons, Therefore, I’d like to conclude that both the learning systems are completely supplement to each other. Traditional learning through classroom set-ups becomes more worthy, when the students get a chance to polish their knowledge through digital platforms. Because, it’s a learned student, who, if comes out from the school/college with flying colours, will definitely move the ladder of advancement one day, and will make the nation proud.