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Being a management student it’s really important to learn how to manage different things altogether whether it is studies or college activities. When I first heard the word ”Kanban”, I was curious to know what ‘Kanban’ is and how it has facilitated management and when I learned about it I found it important to share this with everyone.

Kanban in simple language is a method to manage the workflow, visualize the work, maximize work efficiency and to be nimble. This method originated from Toyota Production System as a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and approaches to pull production system which means production is based on demand of customers, rather than the standard practice of producing the amounts of goods and pushing them to the market. The goal of the kanban is limiting the buildup of excess inventory at any point in production.

Its core purpose is to minimize waste of efforts without sacrificing productivity. The main objective is creating more value for the customer without generating more revenue. It divides the workflow in different segments like ‘to do’, ‘doing’, ’done’.

Here are some steps to follow Kanban System that I found important to be considered:

  • Understand the task –
    Before you begin any task the most important step is to understand that task before taking any further step. To have complete knowledge of the task and to consider every aspect of it and visualize the work that has to be done and how it has to be done.


  • Set up Deadline –
    For every task or work set a deadline in which it has to be completed and delaying should be strictly avoided it will help in achieving the goal on time. Primary function of Kanban is to ensure the number of manageable activities in progress at any one time and to complete the task in the given time limit.


  • Manage the flow – 
    The whole idea behind implementing Kanban system is to create a smooth healthy workflow, the movement of work items through the production process. Managing the flow is not about managing the people but about the work processes.


  • Explicit the process –
    Process should be clearly defined, published and socialized so that it is understood by everyone because when everyone is familiar with the common objective, they would be able to work and make decisions regarding a change that will move in a positive direction.


  • Feedback – 
    Regular meetings are important for discussion and for team synchronization. Team members are held in front of the Kanban board and every member discusses with others what has been done and how the remaining work will be done and when.