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Mentoring Programme

IILM – Jaipur aims to provide students with every opportunity to reach their full potential as industry ready professional. In support of this goal, IILM offer a College Mentoring Program to capitalize the worth of students from entry till exit and beyond. IILM’s mentoring program is perceived to offer students with the essential professional and personal skill sets that would make them proficient in the rapidly changing business environment. The foremost goal of the mentoring process at IILM is to guide students in prudently selecting their career pathways. An individual faculty member as a mentor is allotted to a group of five to seven students during their PGDM coursework. The allocation is based on the student’s academic background and work profile (if any) as well as career interests so that the mentoring process stays relevant and goal oriented. The mentoring program is designed to foster peer relationships between the mentors and mentees to strengthen and sustain students in meeting their educational goals and helping them to make their college experience exciting and fulfilling at IILM.

The following are goals of the mentoring program:-
  • To provide new students with the information , supportand encouragement they need to be successful.
  • To foster an inclusive environment that is rewarding for mentors and mentees where they become active partners in shared learning experiences through programs, services, and relationships.
  • To advance knowledge about campus services
  • To help establish career and educational goals.
IILM is offering a unique student development initiative in the form of Personal Leadership Programme (PLP) and Career Development Programme (CDP).
Personal Leadership Programme
The Personal Leadership Program (PLP) is designed to help students to develop selfknowledge and interpersonal skills by introducing a set of learning experiences throughout the PGDM program that will give opportunities to enhance self-awareness, awareness of others and clear actionable developmental pathways to promote effective working with others. The objectives of this program are:
To develop interventions enhancing one’s selfawareness & develop pathways to promote workplace excellence and Personality Development as a Leader.
Understand the importance of Group dynamics in Team Building and Team Cohesiveness
Bring out the Leader in You by discovering your Unique leadership Style
Help students work on their blind spots and turn awareness into concrete behavioural action plans
Help to understand and work more effectively with individual differences (e.g., personality, culture, experience, etc.) and grouplevel phenomena (e.g., goal conlicts, suppression of information, lack of coordination and planning, leadership emergence, team performance, etc.).
Career Development Program
When students joins PGDM programme, getting a good job and having a successful career thereafter is on top of the mind. Going for an interview and getting a job may look like a single activity but it is actually a series of activities that lead to getting the most suitable job at that stage of your career. There needs to be a lot of planning and diligence behind acquiring and polishing that right set of skills that will not just get you a job but also help you sustain that job and rise in your career. And that effort needs to start from day 1 of your PGDM journey. The Career Development Program is an exciting aspect of the curriculum at IILM. We have designed the CDP for you keeping exactly this in mind.

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