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Keep Trying

Every problem of life is like a red light of a traffic light. If we wait for a while, it becomes green. Time varies.
The day we sow a seed, it does not produce fruit immediately. Waiting has to be done. Ironing is to be done. Care has to be taken night and day. Then the plant grows and gives fruit. Your own time will come, wait. Every event and situation in life is temporary, so keep moving forward.
Those who try don’t give up

There is a poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Those who try do not give up. There is no Jai Jai Kar without doing anything. Do not believe. You will win one day. In the long journey, only the first step is important, not the distance. trust in yourself. If you dream of victory in the eyes, then every moment of your life will be yours.
No one ever dies by falling into the river. Death happens then. When you don’t know how to swim Similarly, circumstances never become a problem for you. Till you know how to deal with them. Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) has said that take each work like a game and become victorious.
In the words of Bill Gates, “If you are born poor, then there is no fault of yours, but if you die poor, then you are completely responsible for it yourself.
If you want to eat honey, consider that bees like difficulties will bite you, you have to be ready.
If you do not lose yourself, then no power in the world can beat you. Awaken the new power, use it for success.
Don’t tell your spirits how big your problem is? Telling your problem how big is your confidence? One day you will be successful.
A bird that sits on a branch of a tree is not afraid of breaking the branch, because it has full faith in its wings.
You have to harmonize between all areas of your life, business, job, entrepreneurship, family, society, friends, etc. Decisions have to be taken. Understand one thing, problems will come in life. They have to face us with courage.
It is late to carry the burden of problems in life. If there is a light burden on the forehead, you can reach it quickly and if the burden is dropped, then you can reach it even more quickly.
When we cannot laugh again and again in the same way by hearing the same anecdote / joke, then why are we sad about the same type of problems again and again. If one door closes, the other one opens. The tree is never saddened by how many flowers or fruits he has lost, he is always busy with the surgeon of new flowers.
In our life too, sometimes there are some moments when we are surrounded by problems from all four sides. And are not able to take any decision. Then we should focus on our responsibility and priority. Ultimately, the final decision of fame, loss, defeat, life, death determines destiny.

Dr. Anita Gangrade Advocate Jaipur.