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HR Conclave – Panel Discussion

The Conclave ended with Panel discussion on “Digital Inroads impacting Talent Management”. The panel comprised of Mr. Hitesh Godhwani, Dr. Anvay Bhargava, Ms. Alka Batra and Mr. Vivek Sharma and discussion was moderated by Asst Prof Shiva Sharma.
Dr Anvay highlighted how technological advancement has changed corporate learning and impacted talent acquisition process. In the era of disruptions caused by IT, the performance management tools have enabled HR managers to dynamically review performance if employees and take mid-course corrections. Cost of acquisition, L & D, appraisals has considerably reduced. This disruption has practically affected all spheres of HR functions. Ms Alka Batra cautioned on too much reliability on technology and emphasized more on human touch in HR functionality. It was indeed a lively and enriching panel discussion smoothly conducted by a moderator.