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Entrepreneurship, A challenge for Women

“Successfully Enacting skilled, Professional Personal & Cultural Role”
In the word of former President, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, empowering women is a prerequisite for making a decent nation. Empowerment of women is important as their thought sand their value systems lead to the development and overall result of decent family, smart society and ultimately smart nation.

The Indian economy is witnessing a forceful modification since middle 1991. With new policies of economic Liberalization, Globalization, and privatization initiated by the Indian government, India has great entrepreneurial potential nowadays; women involvement in economic activities is marked by an occasional work participation rate, excessive concentration within the unorganized sector and employment in less skilled jobs.

Any strategy at economic development will be lopsided without involving women who represent half of the world’s population. Entrepreneurship has gained momentum in the last three decades with the increase in the number of women enterprises and their substantive contribution to economic growth. The Industrial performance of Asia-Pacific region Propelled by Foreign Direct Investment, technological innovations and manufactured export has brought a wide range of economic and social opportunities to women entrepreneurs. 

Women entrepreneurs are an important component of the global drive for sustained economic development and social progress in today’s dynamic environment. In India though women have played a key role in the society, their entrepreneurial ability has not been properly utilized due to the lower status of women in the society. It is only from Fifth Year Plan onwards that it has been explicitly recognized with a marked shift in the approach from women welfare to women development and empowerment. 

Women in India have faced with many problems to get ahead of their business. The fact that entrepreneurs are women is the greatest impediment to their success. A form of patriarchal male dominant social order serves as a foundation for them on their path to corporate success. Financial institutions are dubious of women’s entrepreneurial ability. Bankers perceive female entrepreneur to be more risky than male entrepreneur. 

Women’s family responsibilities are the main reason that prevents them from becoming successful entrepreneurs in both developed and developing countries. Women entrepreneurs’ business initiatives are hampered by a lack of knowledge. Knowledge of the most recent technical advances, know-how, and a person’s education degree are all important factors that influence business. 

Women’s entrepreneurship, without a doubt, increases the prosperity of the nation in general and the wealth of the family in particular. Women nowadays are more eager to participate in activities that were once thought to be solely for men, and they have proven that they are second to none in terms of contributing to economic progress. Challenges of global marketplaces must also be capable of sustaining and striving for excellence in the entrepreneurial sphere. 

I would like to conclude by passing this message to all the women out there, that, “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS.”