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Summer Internship

Real World Training

At IILM, Summer Internship Projects (SIP) are taken very seriously and are a major part of the curriculum activity. The students are put through a workshop prior to the summer internship to ensure that they understand the importance and the learning process. The curriculum mandates a 3-month long internship, meant to provide a first hand experience of the business world. Moving from the classroom to the corporate reality through summer internships makes the students more proficient at handling real- life challenges making effective decisions.  It acquaints students with the demands of the professional world of work in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude to perform effectively.
This short-term experience provides a real insight into what it’s actually like working in a particular job or career field.
SIP projects are evaluated by faculty mentors before they are allocated to the students. The faculty mentors also visit companies and interact with the industry mentors on a regular basis to track the progress of the students’ performance. Students are required to submit fortnightly a progress report to their mentors as a part of their evaluation. Guidance on how to prepare their reports is provided by faculty mentors during students’ non- working hours. The project is culminated with a presentation by the student before a panel of company representatives and the industry mentor at the company premises or presentation of the same before a panel of faculty and alumni.

SIP Project

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