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HR Conclave Session 1

Highlights of HR Conclave 2019 at IILM AHL Jaipur

1st session began with welcome of our esteemed speakers, then the conclave was addressed by our Director Dr. Gitika Mayank. In the first session of “Leadership challenges and Skill Matrix Identification”. Our honourable speaker Mr. Hari Singh Shekhawat spoke about hurdles that are faced by a leader and how to overcome them to develop leadership skills and qualities. He emphasized on the current 4th Industrial Revolution and talked about the efficiency of Indian Managers. He motivated the management stakeholders by his thoughts and views on leadership skills. The speaker shared his rich experiences. Then Mr. Dharam Veer Jashnani spoke about leadership challenges and technology, and it’s role in HR. He emphasized on role of technology advancement in HR. He shared his rich experience and highlighted on how to come up with the challenging scenario in the he world. Technology plays an important role and slowly and steadily HR need to cover up the gap.