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July 2, 2022


With the expansion of social media and the gig economy, it has become necessary for everyone to embrace personal branding. The term “branding” used to be reserved for businesses, but with the advent of social sites, personal branding has become fundamental. Social media is a powerful tool to boost personal branding. Personal branding is about...
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“Successfully Enacting skilled, Professional Personal & Cultural Role”In the word of former President, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, empowering women is a prerequisite for making a decent nation. Empowerment of women is important as their thought sand their value systems lead to the development and overall result of decent family, smart society and ultimately smart nation....
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This blog is all about fundamental change that is going on in the of modern economy. And to talkabout that I am going to go back to the beginning, because in the beginning were commodities.Commodities are things that you grow in the ground and pull out of the ground: basically animal,mineral, vegetable. And then value...
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